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Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • (In Press) Hong Kong and Scalable Cultural Security, Minorities in their own lands: Cultural Security among Ethnic and Cultural Minorities in Asia, edited by Jarmila Ptáčková and Ondrej Kilmes.

  • (In Press) Women's attitudes to race in Hong Kong skateboarding, in Sports in Hong Kong, edited by Tobias Zuser and Lawrence Ka Ki Ho, Peter Lang

  • (In Press) When Myths Collide: Skateboarding and Olympics Narratives, Livre INSEP-Editions, 2021

  • (2021) Identity and Wellbeing in the Older Skateboarder, Lifestyle Sport and Identity, edited by Tyler Dupont and Becky Beal, Routledge.

  • (2018) Ethnic Minorities and Ethnicity in Hong Kong, in The Routledge Handbook on Contemporary Hong Kong, edited by Tai Lok Lui, Stephen Chiu and Ray Yep.

  • (2017) How Does One Feel Ethnic?, in Feeling Ethnic: Visuality, Emotions, and Minority Culture, edited by John Erni, Springer. pp. 11-26,

  • (2015) Skateboard Philanthropy: Inclusion and Prefigurative Politics, in Skateboarding: Subcultures, Sites and Shifts, edited by Kara Jane Lombard, Routledge, pp. 30-43.

  • (2015) Hong Kong Muslims 2014: A Report on Current Research in the Territory, in The Localisation of Islam in China, edited by Li Chang-kuan, CUHK Press. 

  • (2012) Everyday Hybridity and Hong Kong’s Muslim Youth, in Hybrid Hong Kong, edited by Chan Kwok -bun, Routledge, pp. 250-272.

Book Reviews

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