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>> Autumn 2019

This year has had a lot going on. In February I hosted a 'University of Skate' forum at Lingnan University. Guests included Dr Sander Holsgens and professions skateboarders Candy Jacobs and Margie Didal. In July I moved with my family to Prague where I will be teaching at Charles University in early 2020. In August I participated in the second Pushing Boarders conference in Malmö on a fantastic panel hosted by Betsy Gordon and Gutav Eden. I also presented research on citizenship in Hong Kong at the Oriental Institute in Prague in October. So far this year I have had two new journal publications in the Journal of Urban Design, and the Sociological Review. Perhaps the biggest landmark of the year has been the publication of my second monograph 'Skateboarding and Religion' that was released in October.

>> January 2019 News

This January I presented my research on Digital Detox at Lingnan University's symposium on Wellbeing and Inequality in the Digital Age. This inaugural event from the Centre for Social Policy and Social Change had an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars. See the Centre's write up for more.

>> Summer News 

This June I participated in the landmark Talking Boarders conference. This event brought together Academics, NGOs, Activists, Journalists, and Professional Skateboarders to discuss skateboard culture.

The talks are now all available on the Pushing Boarders YouTube channel, and alternatively podcasts of the talks are also available via the website.

There are also a number of superb write ups circulating. Check out this one by Professor Iain Borden in the Conversation, and also read Kyle Beachy's provocative piece as discussed in the panel 'What we do is secret." 

>> Talk

In November 2017 I presented my research at CUHK Anthropology on white parents pursuing Cantonese language education for their children. This is work I have been performing with Julian M. Groves at HKUST. Part of the project is to try and understand if wealthy white families experience similar obstacles as  economically disadvantaged South Asia ethnic minorities in accessing the local education system in Hong Kong. Part of this research has been published in the British Journal of Sociology of Education.

A full write up of the talk is available on the CUHK Anthropology blog.

>> Featured Events

Screenshot 2019-11-09 at 1.04_edited.jpg

Pushing Boarders Malmö

Panel member on the discussion 'Sacred Spots: Defining Heritage in Skate Culture' with Betsy Gordon, Gustav Eden, Dr. Pollyana Ruiz, Stuart Maclure and Brian Panebianco. August 2019.


University of Skate Symposium

Guests Candy Jacobs, Margie Didal and Sander Holsgens talked at Lingnan University about the life of a professional skateboarder, the competition circuit, and the changing nature of the sport. February 2019


New Book

'Skateboarding and Religion', published October 2019

Available at the Palgrave Macmillan website, Amazon and Book Depository... 

Hong Kong Political Science Association Annual Conference Sports Panel October 2017

Presenting on Hong Kong Skateboarding & Network Capital

Pleasure, Providence and Purity: An International Conference on Food and Drink in Islamic Societies and Cultures 

CUHK April 2014

Presented paper on exploring halal food in Hong Kong.

Roundtable on Skateboarding and Wellbeing at Lingnan University, including Iain Borden and Jon Swords. February 2016

A unique event, see more here.

Conference, Transatlantic Connections II,

Drew University at Bundoran Ireland,

January 2015.

One of the first academic skateboard panels. I presented The Anthropology of a Skatepark,

Talk, The Pakistani Community in HongKong

Multiculturalism in Action Workshop, CUHK,

September 2015.

Research Institute, Brown University, BIARI. Ethnic Conflict and Inequality in a Global Perspective.

Conveners Greg Loury and Ashutosh Varshney. June 2014.


Conferences, Presentations and Media

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